Friday, February 27, 2009

Rick Beckett

The airwaves in this part of Michigan are lacking today. One of my all-time favorite radio personalities passed away last night of a heart attack. Rick Beckett of the Rick and Scott Show on WOOD radio has died. It is a sad, sad day.

Rick could be funny, crazy, rude, or nasty, but he was great fun to listen to. And if you really listened, you could tell that he was a kind, caring individual. If someone had suffered some kind of loss, he was always the first to express sorrow and to ask about the situation. He cared about animals, children, and anyone in difficult circumstances.

Good-bye, Rick. You will be missed.

Scott, you are in my prayers.

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Stacy said...

Sorry for lose. Thats too bad. :(

And thanks for letting me know about the syrup. I actually dreamed I was eatting cinnamon syrup. ha ha!