Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally Friday!

I decided to do a Friday Five today instead of a Friday Fill-In. Friday Fill-Ins are still awesome though. Click the button on the sidebar and see!

I’m not going to link the blog where I lifted this Friday Five because I have mixed feelings, but they do some good Friday Fives. Ambiguous, I know. Sorry.

Today’s Friday Five: List five of your Favorite Things. (Not people, things.)

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens!

Couldn’t resist. You should know from the movie post that I love Rogers and Hammerstein.

1. Chocolate chip cookies. Actually, I could do a whole Friday Five on my favorite chocolate:

a. Chocolate Chip Cookies
b. See’s Raspberry Creams in Dark Chocolate
c. McDonald’s Orange Gels in Dark Chocolate
d. Tin Roof Sundae ice cream
e. Chocolate milk. Liquid chocolate, it doesn’t get any more fundamental than that!

See? Ok, moving on…

2. Music. I love music. Classical music, sacred music, movie music, popular music, 70’s music… (Stop laughing! There was some good music in the 70’s!) In college I used to love to go to the symphony. Tickets were free to students. Those were the good old days! Now I try to catch any local concerts that are free, reasonable, or just free will offering. Right now I am listening to a CD of duets of Jussi Bjoerling which features the duet from the Pearl Fishers by George Bizet. It is one of my favorite pieces of music.

3. Books. I love to read. I wish I took more time to read. My idea of a perfect vacation would include great scenery, good food, fun people, and a big stack of books.

4. Flowers. In other peoples yards. I like seeing flowers in nature. Wild or domestic. I loved those trees in California that were covered in flowers so the whole tree looked purple. I also love tulip trees. Not sure what they are really called.

5. Clean sheets. There is nothing better than crawling into a bed with nice clean sheets. And a book.

On to the weekend!

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