Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

This Tuesday I am going to attempt one of those free-association, off the top of my head, random blog thought Tuesday Tens.

So, some random thoughts:

1. After I went to the dentist, had my teeth cleaned, polished, scraped, flossed, and endured Chinese Water Torture, (gag) guess what the first thing was that I sunk my shiny clean teeth into later that day? A Rice Krispies Treat. Yeah. Cause I'm perverse like that.

2. I lost some scrapbooking tools. It was a gallon ziplock bag with all of my paper punches, corner rounders, tape runners, refillable cases for tape runners, and stuff like that. I may have lost it as early as December! And I just figured it out on Thursday. Am I an idiot or what? I hardly ever lose stuff so it is really bugging me.

3. My one of my favorite public blogs is Like Merchant Ships. It has a great look and even better information. Dang! Now I have to complicate this post by putting in a link to the blog. And I thought this would be an easy post. Silly me.

4. If I need to spend some extra time at work, I would much rather go in for a couple of extra hours early Saturday morning than stay late on Friday. I am much more productive in the morning, and then when I leave at 9:30 or 10 AM, I have that fun feeling like I am playing hookie the rest of the day. Is that how you spell hookie? Rhymes with cookie? I don't know that I have ever seen it in writing before.

5. I learned that the correct way of referencing giving things up for Lent is the term "lenten disciplines." So instead of saying, "What are you giving up for Lent?" you say,"What are your lenten disciplines?" Interesting, no?

6. My daughter won't let me join Facebook. She says it's not for old people. She says having a blog is fine, it's age-appropriate. Did I mention that my 78 year old mother is on Facebook? And my 58 year old brother? (My daughter rolls her eyes.)

7. Do I have to learn how to Twitter? Is it mandatory?

8. I learned from Josh Groban that I like it when people sing to me in a foreign language.

9. I am hoping today is the last day of the single digit temperatures. Four degrees when I got to work this morning. Three degrees yesterday morning when I was putting gas in my car.

10. It takes me way too long to think of 10 things to write. Part of the problem is that some of the random things I think of, I decide need a whole post. But nothing wrong with that!

11. Bonus! A question: Why does my post spread farther and farther out each time I edit? Drives me crazy!

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Renee said...

I'm on facebook and I find it weird. I mean if I had wanted to stay in touch with people I graduated from high school with I would have already. I'm avoiding Twitter. Seems like something I would spend way to much time on.