Friday, January 9, 2009

Blogging Tricks

In an effort to jumpstart this blog, I think I will start to do some of the day-of-the-week themed posts like Ten on Tuesday, Friday Five, and Wonky Wednesday. (I may have just made that last one up.) I know there are dozens of these but I'm not sure what they are called or what the rules are, if they have rules. I have noticed that some of them are supposed to be linked back to the host site. I need to do some research and figure it all out. Do you have to belong to a group to do these or do you just elbow your way right in or what?

Then, of course, there are memes. Are there places to find them? Can you make up your own?

To answer these burning questions, I did some research at The Daily Meme. I guess those day-of-the-week themed posts are memes. Who knew?

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