Friday, December 26, 2008


I stink at Christmas. (I'd use that other "s" word but even though Annette Lyon says it's acceptable now, I am still not comfortable with it. )

I got the shopping done in good time. That part was on schedule thanks to online shopping and scrip buying. I even had the grocery shopping under control. So I was feeling pretty good about the whole Christmas thing. Except I missed a friend's concert due to the weather. And our church Christmas program didn't happen due to the weather.

I didn't decorate until the last minute because we bought a pre-cut tree, and we didn't want to get it TOO early. We don't have a lot of room so I need to get the Christmas boxes out, decorate, and get them put away all in one session so I have to have a certain amount of time to get it done. I also didn't get K's room done until the last minute, as in the day before she flew in.

I had my Christmas cards all made (even the ones I didn't finish from last year) and I was feeling pretty good about that but then I purposely put them off so I could include a Big Announcement of something that was supposed to happen on the 21st but was put off due to the weather. But only by two days in SPITE of the weather. By that time, it was Christmas Eve. And I had NO wrapping done. And the baking wouldn't have gotten done at all if K hadn't done most of it. But it did get done, and the cookie plates all got delivered (in spite of snow, snow, and more snow.)

We went to an 11 PM Christmas Eve candle light service at a church where some friends attend. This was the third year we have done that, and it was lovely. Kind of rough around the edges but very well intentioned and sincere, and we really enjoyed it. And it made our own church Christmas traditions all the more precious.

However, I was still wrapping present and doing other Christmas related gifting tasks at 10 AM on Christmas morning. And I forgot to have S make the refrigerator roll dough the day before so I had rolls to make, too.

But K made crepes for Christmas brunch, stockings were emptied and examined and exclaimed over, and presents were opened and appreciated and discussed, my funny gift tags were laughed at and my inside-the-box artwork was enjoyed. Family called, and all in all, we had a great day!

And I am determined that next year I will do better.

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