Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yea for Me!

I was proud of myself when I got to work this morning! We are under a blizzard warning, and all of the schools are closed. (Actually, winter driving is better when the schools are closed because there is less traffic and no busses to have to stop for.) I didn't get nervous. I just got all of my chores done and cleaned off the car. I have learned that it doesn't do any good to hurry getting ready. I'm going to get there when I get there.

I drove slow but stayed in the right lane so idiots people who wanted to drive faster could get by, but I really wasn't going much slower that most everyone else. There were a couple of dicey places but I did ok, and I didn't get freaked out, and things were fine. Well, until I pulled into where I work. I almost got stuck because of the frozen junk from yesterday covered by the drifted snow from today, but I just kept moving until I got to my spot. That did make me kind of mad, but after I got here, the plowing got done.

I don't want to bring any bad luck down on my head for the above post, but I am just thrilled to not feel the terror that I have felt driving in the winter in the past.

Now I just have to get home!

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