Sunday, March 29, 2009

To Do List

From Ten on Tuesday.

10 Things on Your "To-Do" List

1. Set up a system for my scrapbook paper.
2. Go thru the boxes in the office and sell some stuff.
3. Clean out the China cabinet and put in the good dishes, etc.
4. Exercise.
5. Scrapbook.
6. Work on finances on computer.
7. Catch up filing.
8. Finish red and blue quilt.
9. Finish comforter.
10. Re-organize pantry.


Lipstick n Laddles said...

wow!scrapbooking & making your own quilt! i wish I'm that skillful!


toxicpuree said...

Looks like you've got lots of crafting to be done also =]

Kim said...

Great list! I really need to do number 6.

Mine's up!