Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Quilty Summer

Next on my summer list, it says to make two quilts.

It sounds innocent enough, "Make quilts."

Awhile back, before I started posting again but was thinking about posting again, I read about W.I.P. (Work In Progress) Wednesdays on some quilt blogs. "Hey," I thought to myself, "I have some of those!" Delusion, anyone? "WIP" implies progress, as in actually getting something done. Ahem... and therein lies the rub, as they say.

What actually have are U.F.O.s. UnFinished Objects. Yup. Way unfinished.

UFO #1

I have a quilt top done. It is made up of 12x12 inch blocks which are comprised of four 3x12 inch strips. Of velour. (Colors from the 1980s.) Made of scraps left over from several robes and other projects I made back then. Solids. It is actually quite modern looking. I think I was ahead of my time. I started cut the strips during one decade, finished the cutting and started the piecing in another decade, and finished the top in still another decade. When I finally got it put together and put it on the bed to see how it looked, there were parts of it I did not like. At all. And I had no idea how to finish it. I thought about tying it with ribbons. (Like I said, '80s.) But that would totally not look modern. And I had no idea what to back it with.

UFO #2

I have a bunch of different Christmas fabrics and a bunch of squares cut out to make a quilted Christmas tree skirt. This is also a decades old project, but one I am still interested in. It may, however, take a different shape that what I had originally intended.

UFO #3

I have a variety of red and blue quilt blocks that my students made when I was teaching in Washington (the state of). As I recall, it was a group project and it didn't get finished and then I moved to Montana. Some of the blocks are pretty sloppy and need to be redone. (Ok, most of them, well...depending on how well I can rein in my inner perfectionist...) However, there are a good variety of blocks and plenty of fabric left for more. I need to spiffy up the ones that need it and then take stock of what I have and decide what additonal ones I need to make. I am also thinking it will need some sashing. Maybe a tannish color? I would love to finish this quilt and donate it back to the school, or possibly to a charity.

UFO #4

The T-Shirt Quilt. K has saved all of her fun t-shirts from high school, marching band, (and there are many!!!) girls camp, etc, etc, etc. for me to make a quilt. Before she came home the last time, I washed them all, and while she was here, we sorted them and weeded out a few, and I made some notes on what she wanted and doesn't want. I bought a bunch of interfacing, and asked for some advice from someone who had made them for her girls...and that's it so far.

UFO #5

I would like to make a quilt called "The Boxer Rebellion." No comment.

Anyway, the two quilts on my summer list are the t-shirt quilt and the red and blue quilt. I have done a little (very little) on both of them. But I am almost done with a huge list of mending and altering that I have had since we got back from our trip in April. Then I will have more time for fun sewing.

Wish me luck.

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