Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Search for a Summer Musical

As I mentioned in my last post one of the things I wanted to do this summer is go to a musical. As in musical theatre. Theater? Theatre.

I have fond memories of many a summer musical over the years. I still have vivid memories of seeing The Fantastics at Mack's Inn at Island Park one summer when I was growing up. Of course there were trips to the Pickleville Playhouse for the melodrama, not a musical but summer fun none the less. I think my favorite summer musical venue is the outdoor theatre at Sundance in Provo Canyon. I have been there several times, and nothing says summer like seeing a musical there. (I even saw Robert Redford there once ((he owns Sundance)) walking through the restaurant where we were eating before a play! Good times, good times.) I have also seen musicals at both the old and the new Hale Center Theatre. One summer, long ago, I even saw a musical on Broadway. There used to be a theatre company right here in town, and I saw several musicals there. However, they folded a few years back. Bummer.

There is a small summer theatre offering in a nearby town. I checked their schedule. No musical. Drat! There was a promising looking comedy, however, so I bought a ticket for that. I guess it is the closest I can come. For now.

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